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best friend came over… to sleep in my bed, I guess? x

best friend came over… to sleep in my bed, I guess? x

"feminism is not about seeking equality to men, it is about seeking liberation from men." Do you agree with it? asked by Anonymous

feminism is about seeking liberation from and dismantling the patriarchy—the patriarchy was created and is perpetuated daily by and for men so seeking liberation from men themselves is one way to practice it but does not address the bigger problem of the patriarchy literally being the very foundation our entire society is built upon. x

I’ve been so isolated as a result of working so much (and consequentially, sleeping so much) as well as for other reasons beyond my control that all I really want to do is drink a bottle of whiskey, chain smoke, and talk to someone—like, really get to the heart of someone and vice versa.

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last night, I had a dream about a place just called “4:11” that you had to wade through waist-deep dirty water to get through and the building was absolutely decrepit yet the place itself full of life, it was all kinds of surreal and dreamy

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How would you define your fashion style? Vintage, simple, etc asked by Anonymous

I have no idea, actually! x