you are 12 years old in your mother’s bed with the late-night news playing on the television in the back of the room so you don’t feel quite so lonely in your sickened stupor. the other night would spur in you a loneliness that would transcribe itself across several days—rob your throat of your voice, your limbs of your ability to move. your whole body just a dull ache and filled with prescription medications.

I was saying, “I’m sorry, I am so sorry” and a cute boy or two was telling me it’s okay, I’m endearing, different. but there’s nothing endearing about the alcoholic punchline that results in my smoking a cigarette with a sore throat and carrying on a conversation with someone whose name I can’t or don’t even care to remember now, nothing different about the way I can throw myself around to be seemingly everywhere seemingly at once, even when I’m exhausted.

I am a Georgia peach and it is the end of summer, see where I have gone tender? a tiny half-moon at the sharpest point of my left hipbone, a web across the concave of flesh between the bones in my right knee, a purple stain inside the tattoo on the back of my lower left arm, a bright, almost fluorescent blue splotch running down the length of my upper-right arm, and a double crescent, swollen bruise beneath my chin—a new one altogether.

it is not romantic to sit inside your parked car at 2:30 am in the middle of downtown sobbing because you don’t know who to call, to make everyone believe you when you say, “hey, I have this under control” only to erupt suddenly when no one’s around.

the only urge I have left is to run away. the same one I knew I would have if you ever left, I think it knew it was coming all along.

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I am freshly bathed in clean, brand new PJ’s drinking good coffee and getting smothered in puppy kisses and cuddles and right now I feel loved and at home despite how sick and banged up I am

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how terrible to die each night on the blade of our horizon // r.i.d

how terrible to die each night on the blade of our horizon // r.i.d

What do you do when the person you are in love with doesn't love you back? asked by Anonymous


Leave. Always leave.

Perhaps, the problem is not the intensity of your love, but the quality of the people you are loving.
Warsan Shire (via 5000letters)